I am currently using Playa and Matrix to manage multiple relationships and a gallery of images.

I am at 2.5.5 and contemplating upgrading to 2.7. I looked at the changelog and I saw the new Relationship fieldtype that support multiple relationships and the Grid fieldtype.

Are these new fieldtypes robust enough to replace those?

UPDATE: I think I might have been too general/vague in my description. To clear things up, these are 3 features that I need that I am not sure is doable in Relationship/Grid

  • A radio button that is a "is_default" field. This means that it should be aware of the other radio buttons in other rows in that there should only be one checked radio button at all times
  • Pagination support for Grid
  • Multiple relationships field inside Grid. I am aware that the new Relationship fieldtype supports multiple relationships now but the question is if it is available inside Grid

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If by "robust enough" you mean do they have basically the same features, yes.

I've used EE's Relationships without any issues. I love Grid's search:column_name feature. That's a step up from Matrix. However, since it is brand new, it does not work with as many third party fieldtypes as Matrix. I'm sure that will change in the next 2-3 months. Depending on the fieldtypes you need for your image gallery, Grid will get the job done.

  • Added more specific lists of features in the question Commented Sep 3, 2013 at 3:08

On top of better compatibility with third party fieldtypes, Playa and Matrix also have, IMHO, better and more polished UI. For example, if your client needs to search / filter through loads of entries, Playa is better suited.

As always, what you set on using depends on the project requirements.


  • Is default: not sure I get that one. To my knowledge, what you describe is not possible to automate. I just make the "default" picture (if that's what you are talking about) is always the first one. Since rows can be reordered easily, clients do get it.
  • Pagination inside grid: ok with Matrix (prev_row / next_row) as well as with native grid (prefix:prev_row / prefix:next_row)
  • Relationships inside grid: available w/ Matrix and Playa and natively too


Functionality-wise, these fieldtypes are pretty similar (although I haven't used grid in production yet). I am a big fan of the care and thought about usability that has been put into Matrix and Playa. The latter particularly has had nothing but praise from my users. Here is a video compairing both options on EE insider


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