I've just purchased and installed Matrix, and I'm receiving this error when I attempt to create a new Channel Field in any Channel.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

When I uninstall Matrix, it goes back to working normal with no issues.

EE 2.7, Matrix 2.5.6

Unable to load requested field type file: ft.dww_flickr.php.

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There must be a conflict between Matrix and your version of Flickr for ExpressionEngine fieldtype. First, uninstall both add-ons. Re-install Matrix. Does it work?

If so, then make sure you have the latest version of Flickr for EE and install it.

If you have the same problem again, you'll have to contact the add-on makers to see if one of them can fix the bug for you.


Found this: https://github.com/brettdewoody/Flickr-for-ExpressionEngine/pull/2

DWW Flickr is now EEhive Flickr, so definitely read the link above.

  • I've tried uninstalling the plugin, and it still does not work. I'm not convinced that the EEHive Flickr plugin is what it's asking for - as the file listed in the error "ft.dww_flickr.php" is not listed in that package you linked to... Maybe the filename was changed with an update? Is there a way to view enabled plugins directly in the database - and possibly disable it from there? * Update * Just checked the fieldtypes table in the DB, and they are in fact different plugins. I'll try disabling it there and see if that fixes it. Commented Sep 7, 2013 at 15:18
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    Removing the DWW Flickr fieldtype from the fieldtypes table fixed my issue. It was no longer being used, so I didn't worry about migration. Thanks! Commented Sep 7, 2013 at 15:34

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