I have a field(let's call it foo) with the Grid Fieldtype.

I have conditional to check if foo is greater than 0 or not

Now here is the problem. It seems to me that when I only have 1 row in foo, {foo:total_rows} returns nothing.

I tried adding another row. This time {foo:total_rows} returns 2. It is the same thing with 3, 4, etc. Basically anything greater than 1.

This shouldn't be the case. If there is only 1 row, it should return 1.

I would to point out that the foo field is in a Channel with multiple Grid fieldtypes. It also has a relationship fieldtype for one of its columns.

I have another Grid field in that channel but without a realationship fieldtype for one of its columns. It is working correctly.

Any idea why this is happening?


Tried out this code

<h3>field_total_rows {foo:field_total_rows}</h3>
<h3>total_rows {foo:total_rows}</h3>

    <h3>loop field_total_rows {foo:field_total_rows}</h3>
    <h3>loop total_rows {foo:total_rows}</h3>

Output when the field contains only 1 row

loop field_total_rows 1
loop total_rows 1

Output when the field contains 2 rows

total_rows 2
loop field_total_rows 2
loop total_rows 2
loop field_total_rows 2
loop total_rows 2
  • Does this mean that the total_rows and field_total_rows can only be accessed inside the loop?
  • Why does the total rows variable only appear if it is greater than 1?
  • This may be a bug re: no count when there's only one row, but field_total_rows is not available in the shortcut syntax (see docs) - which makes sense, because it only exists to ignore any parameters you've set on the tag pair. Sep 9, 2013 at 13:49
  • I have already submitted this as a bug to the EE bugtracker. Hopefully someone will address this problem. Sep 10, 2013 at 2:17

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If your conditional is checking if it is > 0 this would work fine as a replacement:

{if foo:total_rows != ""}
     You have more than 1 row.
     You have 1 row.

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