I am pulling a series of entries from a Channel that has about a dozen categories. I need to be able to direct each entry's "read more" link to a template group that bears the same name as the category_url_title. I have reviewed the entries here and the ee documentation, but I can't figure out how to pull that information in using the channel entries tag.

Ideally I would like to do something like this:

{exp:channel:entries channel="features"}
  {summary} <a href="{category_url_title}">read more"</a>

What is the correct way to "pull" the category from the entry and reference it there?


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Category variables are only available within the {categories} loop.

{categories limit="1"}{category_url_title}{/categories}

I've also found that if you're trying obtain the category_url_title of a related entry, it can be done like this:

{related-products:categories limit="1"}{category_url_title}{/related-products:categories}

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