Does anyone know if there has been changes to Google's Map API or some other things that would cause previously working Google Maps for EE plugin maps to being plotting/viewing correctly in the control panel (field type) but not on the front end.

No changes have been made to these installs since the beginning of the year.

Maps now have multiple locations points (should only have one) and no longer centre
EE 2.5.3
GMforEE 3.1.0
http://bit.ly/13LJq9Z (click the 'view' icon to review details and map)

Maps now have multiple locations points (should only have one)
EE 2.5.5
GMforEE 3.2.1

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  • Can you post an example of your code? Commented Sep 11, 2013 at 17:27

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I can confirm that after following Justin's instructions in:


And adding geocode="false" to exp:gmap:marker the issue was resolved.


I think the answers can be found in your javascript - take a closer look, is there extra code on the front end you're loading in - or is it possible that the API is connecting to some default map you've got on Google?

You've got what seems to be extra js code regarding your map centering and zoom - and if you look closely at the code that draws the markers - it's loading the same locations on each site you linked to (see marker index 3 and 4). That seems to suggest you've either got some default/example code in there somewhere, or your maps are being tied to something else?


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