I'm using matrix extension to get the lowest value of a column in a search. The problem that I have is to sort results:

this is my code:

{exp:super_search:results channel="my_channel"}

    {my_matrix_field:lowest col="column_name"}


I tried using orderby="column_name" but it doesn't work

Many thanks in advance…

  • Do you mean you want to order the Super Search results by the value of your Matrix column? Sep 11, 2013 at 16:41
  • I really want to order the Super Search results by the lowest value of the Matirx column.
    – Román
    Sep 12, 2013 at 18:51

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You can't order your Super Search results by a function of another fieldtype like that. But wehat you can do is write a custom extension and then use the super_search_prep_order extension hook.

The Rating module uses this hook to sniff for an order directive like order=rating. When it sees that, it runs its own routine to order the list of known entry ID's by Bayesian rating. The Rating module returns a forced order list of entry ID's as part of the order directive that Super Search will later use against the DB. Another extension could behave similarly and force the order of entries as it sees fit.

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