I upgraded to EE v2.7 and am running into some issues with FreeForm. I am running the latest version of FreeForm v4.0.12

  1. I can't add new fields in the CMS. Whenever I submit a new field form I am taken to the CMS home screen and the field isn't added.

  2. I can't submit forms on the front-end website. I receive the error message 'You are not authorized to perform this action - Reason: Secure Forms Timeout'.

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EE 2.7 shipped with changes that break existing code, and so most or all of the Solspace add-ons are currently incompatible with EE 2.7.

Solspace posted that they were working on updates "over the course of the next two weeks". That was two weeks ago, but I suspect we'll see new releases from Solspace, soon.

Like you, I'm stuck right now with things not working... and clients waiting...

  • Thanks for the link, I should have done a little more research.
    – Mike Zens
    Sep 12, 2013 at 16:00

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