What Focus Lab’s EE Master Config modifications are required for /config/config.master.php to work within webroot (eg. public_html or htdocs), if I cannot place it above webroot?

The instructions provided on their github page are for placement above webroot. It has a link to a step-by-step article regarding placing it within webroot by Alex Ball, but the link does not resolve.


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I hate to answer my own question, but in the interest of sharing…

I have discovered that the required modification to use Focus Lab’s EE Master Config under your webroot folder (eg. public_html or htdocs folder) is simply a path update within /config/config.master.php on line 234 (version 1.1).

This should be the relative path to your config.{env}.php files.

Note that the same path update is required under your modified config.php and database.php files.

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