Is there a way in P&T Assets to output just the file's relative url path without the filename?

For instance, I'm trying to call a file's retina image.

This is the normal file output:


Which results in:


But I'm looking to obtain this output instead:

   /path/to/file/[email protected]

I thought this could be accomplished with...


... but this results in ...

   [email protected]

What is subfolder supposed to output if not /path/to/file/? Is there another way to grab the relative path?

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Have you tried {url} or {server_path}? I suspect that {subfolder} (confusingly) refers subfolders of existing EE File Upload paths (i.e. subfolders that Assets recognizes, but EE does not).

  • I never thought I'd use this sentence in my life, but here goes: "Sandwich is right on this one." Currently there is no great way of accomplishing what you need - subfolder refers to the folder structure within the source already. Without modifying Assets your best bet would be using another add-on to tweak the URLs or using PHP in this template on template output stage. Sep 16, 2013 at 5:33
  • Yeah, I was going to use PHP to grab the relative path from the {url} or {serverpath}, I was just hoping I didn't have to. I work locally and push to production, so it kind of makes it a little more messy than I'd like. Oh well. Thanks!
    – xxx
    Sep 16, 2013 at 20:45

Ended up using php to grab the relative path by subtracting {filename} from {url}.

    $url       = "{image_blog}{url}{/image_blog}";
    $filename  = "{image_blog}{filename}{/image_blog}";
    $extension = "{image_blog}.{extension}{/image_blog}";
    $needle    = $filename . $extension;
    $relative  = str_replace($needle,"",$url);
    $retina    = $relative . $filename . "@2x" . $extension;
    echo $retina;

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