I've a problem on this page in a website i'm currently developing. As you can see , the form layout is broke (i'm using gumby2 css framework). I'm sure the cause is the div with class hiddenfFields, because if i remove it with firebug, the layout is ok:

<div class="hiddenFields">

inside the form with id "freeform"

Anyone have an idea how can ia resolve this issue? What properties i need to override? Thanks in advance


Nothing to do with Freeform or ExpressionEngine, just your CSS.

2 solutions...


<ul class="six columns">


<ul class="twelve columns">

Or add a new CSS style:

form#freeform .columns {
  • Yes I knew was a css problem :) Anyway, i resolved the issue with another solution. Thanks Sep 14 '13 at 15:15

I just needed to put the ul inside a div with class "row"

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