Just upgraded to EE 2.7.0. We already use NewRelic for a while to monitor server and application performances.

After upgrading the website to EE 2.7 the site shows up in the Newrelic Application list as: "ExpressionEngine v2.7.0" instead of with the sites name.

Where can I change these, apparently default settings, to show the sites name instead?


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At the current version, which is 2.7, you can't change the App Name on New Relic, because the name is set on \system\expressionengine\libraries\Newrelic.php:

public function set_appname()
    newrelic_set_appname(APP_NAME.' v'.APP_VER);

I filled a bug report for this.


This is fixed on EECMS 2.7.1. The name can be set on Admin ‣ System Administration ‣ Output and Debugging or by $config['newrelic_app_name'] = 'My Site';.

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    So it looks like you COULD change it, by modifying that PHP code. Right? (But the name change would be hardcoded there, rather than changeable through the CP.)
    – user800
    Sep 16, 2013 at 4:50

Expression Engine 2.7.1 solved the reported issue by adding $config['newrelic_app_name'] = 'My Site'; to the config file.

However, after upgrading from 2.7.0 to 2.7.1 the site no shows up 3 times in the NewRelic panel as:

  • ExpressionEngine v2.7.0 (the old site)
  • ExpressionEngine v2.7.1 (the upgraded)
  • My Site - ExpressionEngine v2.7.1 (the upgraded + app name in the the config file)

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