Is it possible to use the download tag (https://exp-resso.com/docs/download_tag.html) in Expresso Store to deliver a url of a web page and not to download a file.

I'm looking for a way to sell access to individual channel entries.

Thanks for any ideas on this...

Regards Lee

  • How do you mean? You don't need the download tag, just hide or show the URL based on whether or not the order is paid. Commented Sep 17, 2013 at 12:05

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The download tag would not allow you to just show a URL if the order has been paid. You could however wrap the content within a {exp:store:orders} tag pair then use the conditional {if is_order_paid} to only show the content if the order has indeed been paid for.

Also I have seen in the past someone create similar functionality by adding a custom field to the content that they wanted to secure that basically had the entry_id of the product that could be purchased. So for example let say your product with an entry_id of 25 was purchased. That product granted access to some content in another channel, in the other channel you would need a field (playa, relationship, text fields or similar) that you entered the value 25 in. Then in your template you would need to write a custom query to search the exp_store_orders tables for the currently logged in members orders then check the exp_store_order_items for the corresponding ordered items to see if one of the items the currently logged in member purchased was indeed the entry_id that you specified earlier (in this case 25).

Having said that your best bet would be to extract that query into a little custom plugin instead of having that all at the template level.

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