I have developed a module, and now I would like it to make it configurable by admin users. How do I go about adding editable variables (I assume to the control panel page) and how do I later access these values in my code please?

I can't find any useful tutorials or references on this subject.


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Modules in EE have no built-in way to store configuration data (unlike Extensions, in which you can store "settings").

So you'll have to create your own custom database table(s) during module installation, then write to/fetch from that table in your module control panel methods.

The module tutorial in the user guide shows how to create a new table during install, and also how to fetch data in your .mcp file, then pass that data to your view file.

I'd strongly suggest reading through the entire add-on development section of the user guide, it will give you a pretty comprehensive overview of how things work in EE add-on development.

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