When using the paginate_base parameter with exp:low_search:results (I'm also using Structure, Freebie) any time I reference the channel short_name either as {segment_1}, {freebie_1}, {channel_short_name} or even hard code the channel short name, the pagination URL has the search query in the wrong place.



When the URL is:


the generated pagination URL is:


But if I hardcode a non-existing channel_short_name at {segment_1} - for example: foo


the generated pagination URL path is correct! Eg:


But if I use a standard exp:channel:entries loop (without the results query), the generated pagination URL is correct.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how I can fix it please?



Basically I was using freebie segments to dynamically add sorting and ordering parameters. Low took a look at the site and recommended that the better (and correct!) way of dynamically adding the sorting and ordering parameters in Low Search is to build the URL and include them in the query. This can be done numerous ways, but the end result looks something like:


Great product, great support. Will definitely use again.

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