I have several articles that contain "[I]" as part of a quote. EE sees this as BBcode and renders the entire remainder of the entry as italic text (because there is no corresponding closing tag).

The only other mention of this issue I can find is in an archived EL forum thread from several years ago, which suggests there is no way to change this default behavior... Is there still no way to disable BBCode parsing?

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You should be able to use an html entity to overcome this. Try changing your [I] (capital i?) to:


in your EE entries and see if that works.


I'll give the same answer I gave in the other thread (is it ok to do that on SE?):

Heh... I used to run into this all the time on forums. The slightly hacky but fairly straightforward workaround is to "interrupt" the BBCode you don't want to get parsed with something that does get parsed into an invisible output, such as an empty tag.

So when you have this:

He said "[i]t was a fine day for sailing..." 

Do this:

He said "[[b][/b]i]t was a fine day for sailing..." 

More details in my comment to the EE docs' BBCode tag.

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