I'm using the calendar:cal tag to display a list of upcoming events.

I'm having an issue where the first occurrence date displays as the next event date, rather than the next occurrence.

How can I code it so the event date is the next occurrence rather than the first event date?

{exp:calendar:cal date_range_start="today @ midnight" show_years="1" pad_short_weeks="n" event_limit="10" status="Open|Featured"}

    {if no_results}
        <p>There are no upcoming Events.</p>

    <div class="event">
        <div class="date">
            <span class="day">{event_first_date format="%j"}</span>
            <span class="month">{event_first_date format="%M"}</span>
        <div class="summary">
            <h3><a href="{path="events/view/{categories}{category_url_title}{/categories}/{url_title}"}">{title}</a></h3>


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You should be using {event_start_date} instead of {event_first_date}.

{event_first_date} will always be the date of the first occurrence of an event (i.e. the first date of your event), whereas {event_start_date}, when used in {exp:calendar:cal}, will be the start date of each occurrence.

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