I'm new in EE, I was wondering is there anyway I can track the visitors that enter to my EE website?

Where do I click-on to see the # website visitors?

Please help me :)


Google Analytics?

You can track individual views to entries by using the track_views parameter in your Channel Entries tag, so this could be mapped to individual pages.

Or possibly your hosting has tracking built in...?


In addition to track-views functionality for individual channel entries, there's also the referrers module and template, but what it shows you is kind of limited (who landed on which page coming from where, using what IP and user-agent, basically.) More on that referrer module, and its template, in the documentation.

(I would use the referrer template as a quick-check, but DEFINITELY back it up with something far more thorough like Google Analytics.)

Edit: there's also a way to display the number of total hits and unique visitors. That's the stats module.

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