I have searched high and low for answers to why my fields are not displaying properly or displaying data I need.

I am basically trying to get the url for the playa entry selected in the backend to the frontend with an anchor.

My template setup is this:

{exp:channel:entries channel="brands" dynamic="no" limit="100"}
                    <li class="brand five columns">
                        <a href="#">
                            <img src="{url}" alt="{title}-image" />
                        <div class="band">{brand_logos}<img src="{url}" alt="{title}-logo" />{/brand_logos}</div>
            <div class="lookbooks">
<!-- start playa fields -->
                            <div class="columns two season">
                                    {lookbook_season} <!--this is the matrix field -->
                                    <a href="{link}" title="{season}">{season}</a>
            <!-- end playa fields -->

                        <div class="columns two social">
                            <div class="columns eight">
                                <div class="s1" id="fbook"><a class="icon-facebook" href="{facebook_link}" title="facebook link"></a></div>
                                <div class="s1" id="twit"><a class="icon-twitter" href="{twitter_link}" title="twitter link"></a></div>                                
                                <div class="s1" id="insta"><a class="icon-instagram" href="{instagram_link}" title="instagram link"></a></div>

This is the setup in the backend if you need to know it is in the attachment.

The matrix field in the backend

The playa field inside the matrix field

Has anyone ever had these problems before?

Thanks, Mark

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Try this for your matrix tag pair:

{lookbook_season var_prefix="mx"} <!--this is the matrix field -->
    <a href="{mx:link var_prefix='pl'}{pl:url_title}{/mx:link}" title="{mx:season}">{mx:season}</a>

To me it helps (and is sometimes required) to use var_prefix parameter to make sure you're targeting the right variable. But in your case what you're wanting I think is the url_title of the "link" playa field.

  • ah the season field is picked up but the url is not which is the Playa field...
    – M dunbavan
    Sep 24, 2013 at 21:32
  • I don't suppose the status is set to something other than 'open' on the channel that Link relates to? Sep 24, 2013 at 21:59

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