I have just updated EE to 2.7.1 and see that Safecracker is now changed to Channel Form.

I have an extension which runs on submission end so have had to change the hook to the new hook for channel form.

The problem is, I am unable to get the submitted information as I did before.

Here is the top of my function, with the hook changed over.

public function channel_form_submit_entry_end($cf)
    $entry_id = $cf->entry['entry_id'];
    $member_id = $cf->entry['author_id'];

How do you now go about getting submitted information, as the following isnt working.


Thank you.


Try this inside your hook:

print_r($cf); exit();

This will let you inspect the structure of the object passed by the hook, and find where entry_id lives.


I am fairly new to EE, but did implement the same channel_form_submit_entry_end($channel_form_obj) hook. But I do not believe this hook passes any data to the function, just the channel form object. The other 2 channel form hooks do, however, appear to pass data via the $tagdata as noted in the docs. channel_form_entry_form_tagdata_start($tagdata, $channel_form_obj), channel_form_entry_form_tagdata_end($return_tagdata, $channel_form_obj).

Allow me add my own correction.

I found a way to access the form entries using $_POST in this answer.

function channel_form_submit_entry_start($form_obj)


// do something with $data now echo $data //change the data public function safecracker_submit_entry_start()

{ $_POST['news_body'] = 'Test'; }


I'm late but i checked the post data using.. ee()->input->post( 'YOUR-POST-VARIABLE', TRUE );

But I'm using EE 3.x.x

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