I am looking for a way to isolate entries based on a {event_time_start} and {event_time_end} custom field. For instance the first one contains 930 as a value and the second one 1200 meaning the event start at 9:30 and ends à 12:00.

I am trying to display which event is on right now by doing something like :

search:event_time_start="<930" search:event_time_end=">1200"

But this outputs sweet nothing. I had a look at this entry about the search param and I see there is no support for < and > but I was wondering if an extension / add-on / something would support add this feature.

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I would check out Low Search, you should be able to search by range on a custom field. Solspace's Super Search is another option, but it's a bit pricier.

  • I was half hoping for a solution that would replace the EE mechanis so I would be able so use the search: param in other addons that support the default implementation. Guess I'll have to settle on a workaround. Thanks for pointing out Low Search. Dec 11, 2012 at 17:26

There is no add-on to add support for this since there is no way to hook into that particular part of the channel-module by means of an extension-hook.

There used to be a solution for EE1 made by (I believe) Mark Huot, but that required hacking the EE code directly... which is not advisable.

– Wouter


It might be possible to use a snippet that checks the search range and returns a bool. This way you can run the range through whatever query you need.

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