I'm new to ExpressionEngine, for those of you with some experience under your belt ... what are some of the things that you wished you knew when you first got started with EE?

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It depends on your milage, for me coding was quite new. So, yes, I wished I discovered earlier...:

  • The videos of Mike Boink http://www.train-ee.com/courseware/free-tutorials (then buy his book)

  • These podcasts http://ctrlclickcast.com

  • This website http://devot-ee.com, but be careful there. It is amazing what one can do with EE right out of the box. No need to rush for addons right away.

  • and last but not least, the art of DRY. And to work systematically. And to make a good plan before even starting. And to have a very good conversation with the client before taking the job.

Did I forget something? Probably yes, but I hope this helps a bit.


My tips:

  • Read the user guide.
  • Read it again
  • parse order
  • master config
  • partials - dry approach
  • Use Stackexchange forum, past and present posts
  • Use the debugger and profiler to optimise page load times & minimise number of queries
  • Use Simple conditionals wherever possible
  • scratch different parts of your head so you dont get a bald spot!

I've had a blog post in the works for 2 years with almost exactly the title of your question! You've motivated me to quickly finish it off, update it and publish it:


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The best thing I can suggest is READ READ READ. Look over the tutorials and examine the sample sites that come with the installs. I got thrown into the mix fast and hard in the beginning and it caused a lot of confusion and a gateway to "bad habits".

Mike Boink was a Godsend in my time of need. He has several tutorials and a good book to get here:



Another great resource of knowledge is Ryan Ireland. He also has some great resources here:



Jae over at http://www.ejaedesign.com/ has great training courses too.

I know there are a ton of people that have helped and that have excellent resources. The entire community is great when it comes to helping each other out. Twitter will become your best friend.

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