Here's a link to my RSS feed's failed validation. Nevermind the subtitles being too long, I'll fix that later. But fixing these special characters is a pill and in company names where it's part of their brand fixture, I can't readily change "&" to "and". How can I escape these characters? In the channel entry, the channel field type is sometimes Wyvern (already escaped the HTML character) and sometimes simply Text Input, which I believe is plain text right?

  • could you please post your template? Oct 8 '13 at 13:19

unexplainedBacn is right.

Or you can also use the XML Encode plugin for this. It's actually included with ExpressionEngine

This plugin converts reserved XML characters to entities. It is used in the RSS templates.

To use this plugin, wrap anything you want to be processed by it between these tag pairs:

    text you want processed

To see more on usage go to Add-ons > Plugins > XML Encode in your EE Control Panel.


As a workaround, you could wrap the offending content in <![CDATA[{content}]]> tags.

Like so:


This won't actually escape the characters, but it will tell the validator to not worry about it.

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