Is it possible to have Wygwam (or any custom field) pre-populated with content when you create a new entry?

I'm aiming to give my client a table, with some cells already filled in.

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CKEditor (which is the editor used by Wygwam) has a feature called Templates that you can use for this.

With CKEditor content writers can select a template from a list by clicking the Templates button in the toolbar. A template is a predefined piece of HTML that is inserted into a document. Using this feature, the user does not need to start formatting the text from scratch. Designers can prepare well designed templates which helps avoid user errors before they happen.

The end user would still need to click the templates button to get the boilerplate content. So it wouldn't pre-fill the entry immediately, but it would do so with one click.

Alternatively, take a look at these related questions for some other approaches. Or Jeremy's answer here in this post is great, too.

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I don't think this is possible. But you could easily write a small custom accessory to do it with JavaScript.

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