I have products with different texture patterns ( See attached #patterns). [ I am using EE 2.7.0 + Expresso store 2.0.3. ] I want these texture patterns as variation.


Channel: Products [ product ] Channel Fields: Specification [ specification ] - Modifier type : Variation - Name : texture - Options : adobe, sephia, ...etc

Now through these options or any other way I want thumb to display for each variation.

Thanks, Parth


enter image description here

  • Are the textures the same or different for each product? – Adrian Macneil Oct 17 '13 at 21:26

Set your options names the same as the image filename (without extension) and use that to pull the image.

{exp:store:product entry_id="{entry_id}" return="/checkout/basket"}
    {if "{modifier_name}" == "texture"}
        <img src="your-path-to-images/{option_name}.jpg"/>

I've not done the correct html for radio buttons and labels with images, but you get the idea.

You need to set the value for the form elements as the {option_id} for Store to be able to understand it.

If you have Colour/Color ;) labelling with spaces or want capitalisation and don't want to worry about it for filenaming, then you can use the {option_id} as the filename instead.


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