I have successfully implemented Stripe payments for a saas service, and all is well. Everything has been recorded in store, in my orders area. Looking in the order, I see the details of the transactions, status, reference etc.

So if I am looking at this from the saas point of view, when my next months payment gets pushed in stripe (and it will automatically as a plan billed monthly), is there anything in Expresso store which will record this as an action as part of the same payment, as a transaction on the same order?

I am looking forward - that if someone subscribed to a service, they pay the first month, then the next month they cancel or indeed keep paying, there's some notification of this so I can leave them work away or lock them out accordingly.

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Currently Store does not support recurring payments or subscriptions, it is currently a feature request so you can show your interest by voting for it.

If you need something soon you have a few options you can build an extension that listens for the request from Stripe and then does something in the system. Full extension hook documentation is available here. The other option is you could email [email protected] and see about sponsoring the feature.

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