I want to remove template name from URL. I want to display only template_group/entry-name. Is this possible?


You can use the Template Routes plugin to override the default routing.

You'd add something like this to your index.php:

$config['template_routes'] = array(
  'template_group/:any' => 'template_group/template_name'

and then just do something with the $1 value in the template.


As Robson & Bhashkar have stated, use the index template in the template group to do the channel:entries tag pair - therefore doing away with the template reference in the URL. If you target template_group, it automatically uses the index template without you specifying /template_group/index.

You're trying to utilise the same template (template_group/index) for both the listing and the details - that's absolutely fine, just utilise no_results...

Let's assume template_group is "blog", the URLs you want are:

  • /blog (listing)
  • /blog/my-article (details - not /blog/details/my-article)

Assume you're accessing the entry details first, so blog/index template:

    {if no_results}

... display of blog details page   ...


This will attempt to pull an entry based on the URL - if it can't match it, it will fall into the no_results conditional and embed the listing page...

Template blog/listing (note this template isn't the URL!)

    paginate="bottom" paginate_base="/blog"

    ...listing details...

The easiest way will be just put the code within the "index" template of that template group. By doing it, you can have the URL like template_group/entry-name.

  • @ Bhashkar sir i am already using "index" template for article list page and for article detail page i am using template_group/template/article-name so now i want to remove details and i want to use template_group/article_name now how this is possible ? – Bhavin Vora Oct 15 '13 at 11:08

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