Is it possible to globaly hide the category-name in the Forum-Breadcrumb? {include:breadcrumb} includes the «Forum Home», Category, Forum and Title — but I wan't to get rid of the category.

What do I have to edit in the modules/forum-folder to delete the category from the breadcrumb?


I think I found it in the Code-Snippets in mod.forum.php starting at line ~1770 // Is this a forum view? AND the snippet starting at line ~1810 // Is this the thread view? … just delete or comment-out the code starting with:

$crumbs .= $this->_crumb_trail(

… where you find forum_path('/viewcategory… inside.

That's the crumb with the Category in it. If you comment-out the two, you don't have the Category anymore in the /viewforum and /viewthread views.

Search for other references if you want to get rid of it also on other views.


I'm not sure that this is possible. I just looked at the default theme for the discussion module and in forum_breadcrumb > breadcrumb_trail.html there is the following code, which suggests to me that it's 100% dynamically generated. I know that there is no gui interface to turn on/off various aspects of breadcrumbs.

<a href="{crumb_link}">{crumb_title}</a><span class="breadcrumbspacer">&nbsp;&nbsp;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>

You'll probably need to modify the actually php files for the dicussion module to remove the categories. The discussion module is notoriously difficult to theme and customize.

  • I know the discussion-module theming quite well. I know I have to edit the mod.forum.php or another file to achieve this goal … what I don't get is PHP … therefore I don't know what exactly do I have to edit. – albuvee Dec 12 '12 at 15:53

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