I have 2 pages with {exp:channel:form} each using the same channel foo

Channel foo has 4 fields with Grid fieldtypes, a, b c, d

Page 1 shows a form to edit a

Page 2 shows a form to edit b,c and d

This is the problem that I have.

When I try to submit Page 1, a data is saved but b, c, d data is erased.

When I try to submit Page 2, b, c, and d data is saved but a data is erased.

How do I fix this?


It seems that this is a problem with grid fieldtype.

When you save any channel that has a grid field using {exp:channel:form}, if that grid field is not included in the form, it will be reset/erased.

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It sounds like this bug: https://support.ellislab.com/bugs/detail/19772

and was resolved with the recent 2.7.3 release. Or you can see how to correct it via the link above.


Sounds like a clear bug that needs to be reported to EllisLab...

In the meantime, I suggest using Matrix field instead to get your project moving forward.

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