I would like to export/link member data to an Email/SMS app. When a member registers I would like it to automatically add the new member details to the app and also be able to update details through the API from the EE site.

I have an API guide from them which has all the Restful API & XML requests but need an idea of were I should go from here: http://live.everlytic.net/api/2.0/docs/classes/Contacts.html#CreateContact

Any idea where I should start? Useful tutorials or extensions to use.


I don't know if there are existing add-ons that support what you want to accomplish. You will most likely need to create a custom extension using:

For example (I haven't tested this code):

require_once PATH_THIRD . 'you_ext/lib/subscription_api.php';

function member_member_register ($data, $member_id)
    $url = 'http://live.everlytic.net/api/2.0';
    $apiKey = 'zyb8IwQVRf71siy1Pv8HO5szmv0jqppW';

    $api = new MailerSubscriptionApiV1_0($url, $apiKey);

    // Contact - create
    $contact = array();
    $contact['contact_mobile'] = '333333333';
    $contact['contact_email'] = $data['email'];
    $contact['contact_name'] = $data['screen_name'];
    $contact['contact_lastname'] = '';
    $listIds = array(1, 2);
    $result = $api->createContact($contact, $listIds);

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