How do I make a field require with the new composer? in the past I would create the form and include:

{exp:freeform:form require_captcha=“yes” required="name|email"} (which still work on the site).

With the new composer forms I try to do it the same way and I am not getting an indication to required fields.

{exp:freeform:composer form_name="contact-form" composer_template_name="general_template" required="name|email" require_captcha=“yes”}

Any ideas?

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When you are building composer forms, in the bottom left hand corner of each field is a widget where you can toggle required:


It also seems that you are forcing a composer template, you can do that in the upper left hand corner of composer:

composer template choose

Unless you need specific overrides, the composer tag was designed to only really need to have the form name or id:

{exp:freeform:composer form_name="contact-form"}

Thats not to say what you are doing with the tag is wrong just more work than you have to be doing.

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