I recently discovered that member pages for my EE site are showing up in Google search results, even though I'm not currently using members (beyond super admins) and I have no public member page templates.

Here's an example of the page I'm seeing: http://www.weddingwise.co.nz/member/1

Is there any way to hide all pages with "member" in segment1 so they are not visible to public or to Google?

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Under Members -> Preferences in the control panel, you can set the Profile Triggering Word (see docs) to % which will make them completely inaccessible from the frontend.

Another technique is to configure it randomly in the config.php like this:

$config['profile_trigger'] = rand(0,time());
  • Great thanks. Your first option worked like a charm. Commented Nov 4, 2013 at 3:02

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