We would like to set something up so that when we publish a new article (channel entry) to our site it also creates a post on our Facebook page. What solutions are people using for this? I found the Social Update add-on on devot:ee, are you using this, a different add-on, or some other method?

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I'm personally using RSS Graffiti on Facebook to parse in my RSS feed and post it as Facebook entries. Has worked brilliantly and was dead simple to set up.



I know that Social Login Pro allows you to do this among many other features the only thing I think that might be a problem for you that it would want to post the article to the Authors Facebook page instead of a page for the entire site as it requires the user links their Facebook account to their EE member account.


I'm using http://twitterfeed.com/.

Easy setup, stable service. Free. Twitterfeed uses an RSS feed to post to FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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