I'm currently in the speccing stages of a site and considering ExpressionEngine as an option.

One of the requirements is for "tiered memberships" for instance:

A user signs up as a member with a "Corporate" account This "Corporate" account can have a number of sub-accounts, say for employees.

Has anyone created a system like this within EE before? Is there any kind of add-on that will do this or is it a matter of working with an add-on that shifts members into channels and creating related entries etc.

I'm open to suggestions.

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No direct experience doing this, but I'd take this approach initially:

  • Each "tier" is a channel entry. You could include things like price, description, etc. here (perhaps this is also a "products" channel used by CartThrob or Store, used to "sell" the tier).
  • Use an add-on such as Zoo Visitor or Profile:Edit to create members as channel entries, then use a relationship or Playa field in that entry which links them to a specific tier (I like Playa better for this, as its various :parents, :children, :siblings tags are very powerful).
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    You would also, however, have to add relationships from a Corporate member to their sub-member accounts, and if you needed permissions to be based on that it could get complicated quickly. (Like if all users in a given corporation needed to be able to edit the entries of the corporation.)
    – adrienne
    Nov 21, 2012 at 15:27
  • Yes that would be a requirement. Although I can argue a case for not doing that - with the corporate account just there to add sub-accounts as it were. With that said I'm starting to get an idea of how I can accomplish this.
    – foamcow
    Nov 21, 2012 at 15:33

Haven't done this myself, but did need a sort of multiple "groups" or member "tagging" kind of feature. The easiest way it seems to do this in EE is to expose Channel Categories as a Member field or something similar. There are two commercial add-ons I know of that do this:

IntoEEtive's Member Categories


Addon Bakery's Member Categories.

I chose to go with the latter (don't remember why anymore, though). Note that when it displays Categories as a custom Member Field in the Edit Profile page it does not display them the way you arrange them in the Control Panel. It's simply a select or multi-select. Perhaps that could be a feature request. (jQuery Chosen plugin is no longer used as per the documentation screenshots either, you'd have to enable that manually.)

As for relationships between specific members and sub-categories... I don't know. Probably would require custom development?

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