how to get the sort number in relationship tag? the sort number is store in "order" in exp_relationships. I need it to sort my data. but have no idea how to retrieve it.

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As posted here -- http://www.blue-dreamer.co.uk/blog/entry/ee2.6-new-relationship-tags -- you can use these variations of {count}.

Related Entries

{if custom_field:count == "1"}
{if custom_field:count == custom_field:total_results}
{if custom_field:no_results}No related entries{/if}

Parent Entries

{parents field="custom_field"}
{if parents:count == "1"}
{if parents:count == parents:total_results}
{if parents:no_results}No parent entries{/if}

Sibling Entries

{siblings field="custom_field"}
{if siblings:count == "1"}
{if siblings:count == siblings:total_results}
{if siblings:no_results}No results{/if}

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