Please see JavaScript Notification Plugin for reference.

Question: Is it possible to "capture" the message and params of $.ee_notice() any time it's run in the CP?

I'd like to use destroy to hide the default notification but, still be able to use the message and params as I see fit via my own js/jQuery.

One place this appears to run is when saving publish layouts for what ever it's worth.



update looks like this task is not so simple as looks like - can't find where some notice even is registered (like for save custom field setting - looks like it is flashdata).

I made a quick example using HubSpot Messaging + ee_notice replacement as combination of JS & hooks - CP Notice

enter image description here enter image description here

before Why just don't replace it with ext.?

function cp_js_end( $data ) {
    if ($this->EE->extensions->last_call !== FALSE)
          $data = $this->EE->extensions->last_call;

    $out = '
        $(function () {
            $.ee_notice = function (a, k) {
        $.ee_notice.destroy = function () {




     $data .= $out;

    return $data;
  • Thanks Max! This was helpful and I've made some progress. I was able to get custom fields and add-on updates (enabling an extension for example) to work. I used the $this->EE->session->flashdata; inside function cp_menu_array($menu){}. The $.ee_notice.destroy = funtion () {} doesn't seem to matter on my end for publish layout updates. It's destroying the default notification with it our without it. I set a setting which allows user to turn it off which works with the flashdata version but not the $.ee_notice version for some reason. – Natetronn Nov 12 '13 at 20:34

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