Is there an equivalent of a Change Log addon to track members actions in the CP for EE?

I'm haven't seen anything like that unless I'm missing some native functionality.


If you're looking for robust tracking of user actions in the Control Panel than what EE provides, there is Audit (and Audit Pro). Audit adds some additional user tracking beyond what EE does. Here is the list of what it tracks, from its page on Devot:ee

  1. Member Logins, including Control Panel & front-end
  2. Member Logouts, including Control Panel & front-end
  3. New Entries, including Safecracker
  4. Updates to Entries, via the Publish screen or multiple entries via the Edit screen, including Safecracker
  5. Deleting Entries
  6. New Members
  7. Deleting Members
  8. Editing of Members
  9. Changing Templates (editing a template, not its preferences)


  • Sorry for the delayed replay to your answer, but this looks by far to be the best addon in this area.
    – jsuissa
    Nov 22 '13 at 2:39

There's a very basic Control Panel log file here: http://ellislab.com/expressionengine/user-guide/cp/tools/logs/cp_log.html

It tracks certain actions, though not exactly sure what they are. :) Does that help?

  • Thanks, yes that I've seen but wish it wasn't so limited because in terms of entries or content it doesn't log any of that activity.
    – jsuissa
    Nov 13 '13 at 16:23

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