I've installed (new) seg2cat on a new EE upgrade (2.7.2) and it isn't behaving as expected:

(1.143091 / 6.09MB) Snippets (Keys): segment_category_ids|segment_1_category_id|segment_1_category_parent_id|segment_1_category_group_id|segment_1_category_name|segment_1_category_description|segment_1_category_image|segment_2_category_id|segment_2_category_parent_id|segment_2_category_group_id|segment_2_category_name|segment_2_category_description|segment_2_category_image|segment_3_category_id|segment_3_category_parent_id|segment_3_category_group_id|segment_3_category_name|segment_3_category_description|segment_3_category_image|segment_4_category_id|segment_4_category_parent_id|segment_4_category_group_id|segment_4_category_name|segment_4_category_description|segment_4_category_image|last_segment_category_id|last_segment_category_parent_id|last_segment_category_group_id|last_segment_category_name|last_segment_category_description|last_segment_category_image|freelancer_version|site_id|site_label|site_short_name|last_segment|current_url|current_path|current_query_string (1.143106 / 6.09MB)

Note the blank values here:

Snippets (Values): 241|||||||||||||||||||241|0|6|Attire for Grooms + Groomsmen||grooms.jpg|241|0|6|Attire for Grooms + Groomsmen||grooms.jpg|FALSE|1|Ashley's Bride Guide|default_site|attire-for-grooms-groomsmen|http://ashleysbrideguide.com/abg.php/nashville-wedding-ideas/gallery/attire-for-grooms-groomsmen/attire-for-grooms-groomsmen|nashville-wedding-ideas/gallery/attire-for-grooms-groomsmen/attire-for-grooms-groomsmen|

Any ideas why a multitude of snippet values would output blank values without keys? Or numeric values like 241, without keys?

All advice appreciated.

Edit: Posting under low-seg2cat because this bug lead to blank seg2cat values. Thanks.

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For visibility, this is what your snippets look like:

[segment_category_ids] => 241
[segment_1_category_id] => 
[segment_1_category_parent_id] => 
[segment_1_category_group_id] => 
[segment_1_category_name] => 
[segment_1_category_description] => 
[segment_1_category_image] => 
[segment_2_category_id] => 
[segment_2_category_parent_id] => 
[segment_2_category_group_id] => 
[segment_2_category_name] => 
[segment_2_category_description] => 
[segment_2_category_image] => 
[segment_3_category_id] => 
[segment_3_category_parent_id] => 
[segment_3_category_group_id] => 
[segment_3_category_name] => 
[segment_3_category_description] => 
[segment_3_category_image] => 
[segment_4_category_id] => 241
[segment_4_category_parent_id] => 0
[segment_4_category_group_id] => 6
[segment_4_category_name] => Attire for Grooms + Groomsmen
[segment_4_category_description] => 
[segment_4_category_image] => grooms.jpg
[last_segment_category_id] => 241
[last_segment_category_parent_id] => 0
[last_segment_category_group_id] => 6
[last_segment_category_name] => Attire for Grooms + Groomsmen
[last_segment_category_description] => 
[last_segment_category_image] => grooms.jpg
[freelancer_version] => FALSE
[site_id] => 1
[site_label] => Ashley's Bride Guide
[site_short_name] => default_site
[last_segment] => attire-for-grooms-groomsmen
[current_url] => http://ashleysbrideguide.com/abg.php/nashville-wedding-ideas/gallery/attire-for-grooms-groomsmen/attire-for-grooms-groomsmen
[current_path] => nashville-wedding-ideas/gallery/attire-for-grooms-groomsmen/attire-for-grooms-groomsmen
[current_query_string] => 

The Snippets array also contains the current URI, which is:


All of this leads me to conclude you do not have the latest Low Seg2Cat (v2.8.0 at this time) installed. First of all, I don't see the segment_category_ids_piped key that v2.8.0 introduced. Secondly, there are duplicate segments in the URI (3 and 4 are the same) and only the category vars for segment 4 are set. This was addressed in v2.7.0.

The rest of the Seg2Cat vars are empty because they do not match category URL titles, which is intended behaviour, like Derek said. Setting the Set all segments option to Yes will do this for all possible segments, hard coded by EE to 9. Since you haven't got these set, and the default was set to Yes from version 2.6.2 onward. You've also got the last_segment_category_... vars there, so I'm going to guess you've got version 2.6.1 installed.

  • Thanks for this. It appears to have been an oversight on my part (this is one of 10 of yesterdays intended downloads and I must have lost track.) I concluded it to be a bug because I was going after segment_3 vars which were not set. I hadn't even noticed at the time that segment_4 was the same - no idea why the client has it configured that way, and I didn't expect it. I ended up moving past it with segment_4 because, well, it's the same. Nov 13, 2013 at 18:12

That looks like expected behaviour to me. I'm assuming that you're seeing this at a URL which has a category slug in segment_3 and nowhere else, so all of the other Seg2Cat variables are empty.

What was the behaviour you were expecting?

  • I posted because the segment_3 vars were blank (because this is a version bug & segment_4's were filled & the same as segment_3's,) and I was trying to use them. Also, I didn't realize it wasn't the latest version or I would have gone straight to download it before posting. Thanks so much for your answer. Nov 13, 2013 at 18:18

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