I tried to do an upgrade to 2.7.2 using Updater but found that the version of Updater was old. Hence, it didn't work! I know it's my fault and I should have checked first.

Now when I try to login to the Control Panel I get the following error message -

A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1054

Unknown column 'hash' in 'field list'

SELECT hash, timestamp FROM (exp_developer_log) ORDER BY timestamp asc

Filename: libraries/Logger.php

Line Number: 106

It's not critical as the site is in development, but when I get home tonight and have a chance to look at it, if I do a manual upgrade of the EE files for 2.7.2 will that solve the issue?

I do have a back up of the database before I began the upgrade and I host with enginehosting.

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Don't try and mess with a failed upgrade. Revert back to previous & start again.

Given the failure point was updater I'd recommend a manual update.


The error says the "hash" column is missing from the "exp_developer_log" table.

I suggest getting into the database using PHPMyAdmin and manually adding a new column to that table named "hash".

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