I would like to have a search results page with results from 8 different channels.

The results depends on the channel name.

For instance

{if channel_name = channel1} Display {custom field} - {custom field 2} And additional text here. {/if}

{if channel_name = channel2} {title} - {excerpt} - More stuff you don't see unless the results have that channel. {/if}

{if channel_name = channel3} {custom field 3} - {custom field 4} {/if}

and so on.... Any idea on how to do this. It's not clear in the documentation. Thanks!

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Did you try these conditionals and it didn't work? I would expect that or channel_short_name to work just fine in a conditional. In my test using Supersearch 2.1.3 and EE 2.7.1 this conditional works as expected:

    <div class="search-result">
        {if channel_short_name == "articles"}
            <p>This result is from the articles channel</p>
        {if channel_short_name == "recipes"}
            <p>This result is from the recipes channel</p>

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