I have a Field Pack Dropdown field for authors to select an icon. In the field settings I have the following options:

👀 : View
📝 : Compose
🔒 : Lock
🔓 : Unlock
🔑 : Key
📞 : Phone
✉ : Mail
💬 : Chat
👥 : Users
 : Location
 : Connection
“ : Quote
 : List
⚙ : Settings
📅 : Calendar

This shows up in the publish page as expected:

<select name="field_id_5">
    <option value="&#x1F440;">View</option>
    <option value="&#x1F4DD;">Compose</option>
    <option value="&#x1F512;">Lock</option>
    <option value="&#x1F513;">Unlock</option>
    <option value="&#x1F511;">Key</option>
    <option value="&#x1F4DE;">Phone</option>
    <option value="&#x2709;">Mail</option>
    <option value="&#x1F4AC;">Chat</option>
    <option value="&#x1F465;">Users</option>
    <option value="&#xE6D0;">Location</option>
    <option value="&#xEB85;">Connection</option>
    <option value="&#x201C;">Quote</option>
    <option value="&#xED50;">List</option>
    <option value="&#x2699;">Settings</option>
    <option value="&#x1F4C5;">Calendar</option>

The problem is the field is not storing the data, and on the front-end calling the field outputs a null value.

Any ideas what the issue could be, or any workarounds I could try?

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I removed the'&#' characters from the dropdown options

&#x1F440; : View

has now become

x1F440; : View

and added those characters to my template output instead.


The field is storing the value as expected and the icon is being output fine in the template.

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