EE: 2.7.2 Zoo Triggers: 1.2.2

I've got a weird issue with pagination.

This is my channel entries tag.

{exp:channel:entries channel="news" dynamic="off" limit="1" paginate="bottom" orderby="date" sort="desc" status="open" {triggers:entries}}

This is the link automatically generated by pagination:


This is my pagination code

    <li><a href="{pagination_url}" {if current_page}class="current"{/if}>{pagination_page_number}</a></li>

Pagination works when...

If I manually go to page 2 or whatever the pagination links generate correctly.

If I use: pagination_base = "news" it works perfectly but I also use zoo triggers for categories and it doesn't work when inside a category, instead of news/category/xxxx/P2 it just goes back to news/P2

If anyone knows whats going on here, and why pagination links are being output like (domain)/(domain)/(domain/channel/pagination) it would help me so much.


Also using Structure 3.3.12


Still no answers to this

  • 1
    what do you have in General settings for "URL to the root directory of your site" & "Name of your site's index page" ?
    – Max Lazar
    Nov 19, 2013 at 15:26
  • URL to the root directory: http://domain.dev Name of Site index: / Nov 19, 2013 at 15:39


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