I'm using the {segment_2} variable to complete various bits of info on a page. The segment is all lowercase, but that's fine as I'm using CSS to capitalize those elements.

The problem comes when I'd like to use that {segment_2} in the page title. It's appearing all in lowercase and I can't figure out how to make it appear in sentence case.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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Install the Streeng plugin.

Perform common operations on strings. Change case, truncate, find/replace, repeat, encode/decode, generate slugs and more.

One of the parameter options is capitalize="yes" which lets you capitalize the first character of the string.

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CE String is another great option.

CE String is a string manipulation tool for use in your ExpressionEngine templates. It is feature-packed, and allows you to manipulate strings (text) with very simple syntax.

You would just do:

{exp:ce_str:ing strtoupper}{segment_2}{/exp:ce_str:ing}

CE String has tons of other useful methods. And the chaining feature that lets you use more than one method can come in handy.


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