Is there a way to make a member which cannot be logged in?

I am using it as some sort of a member placeholder for entries of members I want to delete.

I don't want anyone be able to log-in as that member.

Does this feature exist?

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    If you're making the member then how can anyone log in as that member if they don't know the password? Please explain your situation in detail. – notacouch Nov 21 '13 at 22:31

You can disable the access to the Control Panel to a Member Group if you want to: Members > members groups.

The Banned Member Group, for example, can't access the Control Panel.


It sort of goes against the philosophy of having members to actually have 1 that cannot login. If your posts are member restricted then you'll need to have a member that you can assign them to with the same level of permissions.

If security is an issue:

Create a new member, assign them whatever group is required then set a monster 64 char password, don't record the password and move on.

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