I'm using the exp:calendar:events tag with Solspace Calendar. Is there a convenient way to output a year header, similar to exp:channel:entries in my events output?


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How about something similar to the method using PHP described here?: Solspace's Date Field Filter - can it do date headings?

I'll rehash the answer here with modifications:

Basically, display a heading when the first occurrence of a year is encountered, and store it in a PHP array to avoid displaying the same year again.

<?php $heading = array(); ?>
{exp:calendar:events /* your other parameters here */}

    <?php if( ! isset($heading['{event_start_date format="%Y"}']) ) :?>
        <h2>{event_start_date format="%Y"}</h2>
        <?php $heading['{event_start_date format="%Y"}'] = '{event_start_date format="%Y"}'; ?>
    <?php endif ?>

    // Your other code


Don't forget to enable PHP for your template.

By the way, if you're looking for a chronological list of events, you should use {exp:calendar:cal} instead of {exp:calendar:events}. {exp:calendar:cal} will order occurrences stemming from different event entries in the correct timeline order. In other words, occurrences that overlap on a timeline will be ordered correctly and chronologically (e.g. AABABABBB instead of AAAABBBBB). See this more detailed explanation page for more details: http://www.solspace.com/docs/calendar/getting_started/

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