I'm currently building a site right now that allows registered members to add their own logo to entries they create via a SAEF. I have Assets installed for this site but also have SafeCracker File available.

I'm perceiving an issue where multiple members try uploading files like logo.jpg thus overwriting other member logos.

Is there a way to keep upload destinations (subfolders?) separate where a member only sees their uploads (if browsing current uploaded items ala Assets) or possibly randomization of uploaded filenames if using a standard File field?

I found this answer on a different question that mentioned that Assets prevents filename collisions but I'm not sure if it allows browsing of existing images, which is not something I want.

Thoughts? Ideas?


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I could be wrong, but I think Safecracker File automatically appends a number to the end of any duplicate filenames to avoid collisions. Have you verified that your perceived issue is actually an issue?

  • Wow, you are right. It does add a number on the end. I guess this could work as-is and I'd just have to deal with logo232.jpg after 231 other people upload the same filename.
    – Ian Pitts
    Dec 3, 2013 at 2:48

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