I am trying to set up a product filter where I can filter by: Store location, type of product, and price.

I have 36 retails locations in total, and only want to display products that have a greater quantity then 0. The only things that changes from location to location is the quantity.

I have used the module "reefine" before for something similar, but don't believe it would work in this case. As i am importing the information from a ".csv" file using the module "data grab", which needs its own channel field for each row in the .csv file.

I need to show the quantity of product X, at retail location Y.

I am thinking modules might not be the way to go for this project. Just wanted to ask and see if anyone has run into something similar.

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Sounds like Numeric Matching with the search="" parameter may help. This is a parameter for the channel:entries tag.

If you have a field containing numeric data, you may use greater-than or less-than operators to search through them.


If you need complete search functionality these are the two search addons to check out:


You'll need to read their docs to make sure they do exactly what you need.

  • Awesome! I'll do some reading. Thanks for the help.
    – Funkefied
    Dec 4, 2013 at 13:40

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