What's the best way to add additional countries to the system with Store 2.x? I see a button in the CP to add a new state option to a country, but no control for adding a new country. Is it possible to do without diving into the database and adding records directly?

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Store 1 uses EE's internal list of countries at system/expressionengine/config/countries.php as Justin mentioned.

Store 2 has its own list of countries at third_party/store/data/countries.php. When Store is installed, these are copied into the exp_store_countries database table.

So if you're feeling revolutionary, and you have already installed Store, the best option is to simply update the exp_store_countries table directly. There is no control panel interface for this, but there's no danger in doing it and your changes won't be overridden with any future upgrades.


Store picks up the countries from the /system/expressionengine/config/countries.php file. The countries are stored in an array in that file so you can just add any new countries to that array and they should appear in Store.

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