I'm having trouble returning the option label within a Channel:form tag.

The selected option value returns correctly using {my_drowpdown_field_name}.

However, the option label is not returned using {my_dropdown_field_name:label}.

I'd also like to display a list of possible options using the following:

            <option value="{option_value}"{selected}>{option_name}</option>

This doesn't seem to be looping through the options. I have tried replacing {option_value} with {my_dropdown_field_name}.

Using EE 2.7.3 and P&T Fieldpack 2.1.1.

Thanks for any help!

edit: just to clarify, {my_dropdown_field_name:label} works fine within Channel:entries tags.

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You're prefixing "options" to the field name instead of prefixing "options" with the field name.

i.e. use


instead of


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