I'm using Store to manage products with lots of modifiers. At some point, a product will reach a number of modifiers where it starts producing a "Date field is required" error every time I try to save the entry in the Publish Page. There is, of course, a value in the Date field, but somehow it seems to not be making it to the server properly. How can I troubleshoot/fix this? Is it possible to have "too many" modifiers on a product?

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Turns out, this has nothing to do with Store at all. Found my answer on StackOverflow:

Since PHP 5.3.9 there's a new configuration setting called "max_input_vars" which limits the number of input variables. The default setting is 1000. Also check if Suhosin is installed, because there's also a similar setting.

  • Yeah, suhosin can be a pain, especially if you have lots of matrix/grid fields on your publish page it's quite easy to exceed the 1000 input var limit. Just bump it up to 5000 or something. Dec 13, 2013 at 23:05

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