I have an existing drop-down menu search in place at http://www.ncwildflower.org/index.php/plant_galleries/Quick_Plant_Mini-Search/

Or you can also see this on the main page centered at http://www.ncwildflower.org/index.php/ncnps

enter image description here

This site is still in version 1.6.8 because I had to change some code in the search regx file. It simply added two square brackets for the keyword entry, and concatenated the contents of any drop-downs that had content selected.

That was then - this is now!

I have no idea how to accomplish this feat in the Codeigniter-driven present-day EE 2.x.x!

Also, the existing solution was/is crude. If you select “red” as a bloom color drop-down, it simply adds “red” to the overall search terms, but is not specific to the bloom-color field, so it makes mistakes!

I’d like to have such a thing, but be able to make searches for bloom color only look in the bloom-color fields, and keywords for plant-type only refer to the plant-type fields. I’m sure you get my drift.

Anyone have any suggestions how I might at least start tackling this one? It is the only thing holding us back from updating to EE 2.x.x, as this feature is a favorite one by our readership.

Thanks for thinking about it with me!



There are two search Modules that offer lots of flexibility. You'll need to dig through docs to make sure they match exactly what you need to do...

Low Search

Solspace Super Search

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